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D-Day – 80th Anniversary – We owe more than just respect…

Service men saluting in Normandy War Cemetery respecting D-DAy

Thirty years ago, around this time, I was on a family holiday in the Dordogne, where I managed to buy the Sunday Times to catch up on the wider world when the kids didn’t need my attention. I was unaware that the supplement inside would bring tears to my eyes.

UKREiiF 2024: Takeaways From A Torrential Success in Leeds and Robot Dog “Spot”

A delegate ticket for UKREiiF 2024

The UKREiiF 2024 in Leeds was an unforgettable event, marked by both its immense scale and the equally impressive downpour on Wednesday. Navigating the sea of pavilions, as a virgin attendee, it was clear of the event’s popularity, it is impressive just in terms of the schedule of presentations and the vast numbers of professionals […]

The Human Touch: Overcoming ATS Limitations in Hiring.

A group of people sitting in a row for interview, identified for ATS system.

In today’s rapidly evolving recruitment landscape, the widespread use of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) has undoubtedly streamlined hiring processes but also introduced potential pitfalls as result of ATS limitations such as poor candidate experience leading to brand negativity. A Case Study: The Role of Human Intervention in Candidate Selection Recently, a candidate shared their experience […]