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TJ Search 2024 data privacy facts

Image showing "Private" sign on gate railings to reflect TJ Search 2024 Data Privacy Policy

Candidates – 

In the first instance, if requested from specific candidates, we will be required to carry out background checks, as part of our 2023 Data Privacy Facts.

We will retain information such as your name, address, contact information, additional information within your resumes such as education, employment history, professional qualifications, immigration status, remuneration past and present, notice period or immediacy of your availability and notes from interviews or assessment.

Your data: Who, what and where

To ensure we can fulfil our duties as an executive search firm, we must collect personal data to perform our duties. 

Client information – It is crucial in our recruitment duties to collect and retain relevant information about the business, relevant employees and you for reference in completing our tasks relating to recruitment.
The data helps us assess the importance of candidates for the position and the cultural fit for the organisation.
In addition, your contact information will enable TJ Search to forward marketing data that we believe will help you. 

The information recorded covers internal data such as Director & Managerial titles, phone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses.
Furthermore, as part of our privacy policy, we will record instructions, submissions, meetings in person or online, placements and financial detail. 

Candidates, clients and referrals. We maintain and may need to perform checks to corroborate the information in an emergency. This instance only requires basic contact details (phone number/email address).

Supplier  – We retain data to ensure we can maintain our operations. In performing our duties, we might require to record other pieces of information that people inform us.

Website Consumer – Our 2023 Data Privacy Facts, TJ Search tracks usage to identify trends to improve our consumers’ experience.  How you utilise our website, the pages viewed and the website’s operational analytics involving frequency, time, and duration of website visits.

How will personal data be used?

We use personal data to establish, exercise and defend legal claims and to comply with contractual obligations.
Recruitment operations have the goal of helping people find work. They do this by finding information about candidates, notifying them when a job opens up suitable for their skills and qualifications. 
Completing these tasks by notifying candidates requires comparing personal data to the opportunity on offer and the criteria dictated by our clients.

Data held enables TJ Search (2024 Data Privacy) to advise the candidate database about instructions relevant to our client instructions. TJ Search will make applications and arrange interviews. 

TJ Search will retain conversations and interview feedback for future reference. Marketing – profiling of jobs and candidates; informing clients and potential matches about possible job opportunities; automatically advising them on relevant information from market research or other sources, as well as advertising the openings they have available.

Information we obtain from other sources

Data can come from many sources, and we will always inform you where it came from if data is obtained indirectly. We provide a link to our privacy notice which explains how your data is used should there be any question about security or confidentiality.
We work closely with third parties, including sub-contractors, in technical, professional and other services. We may receive information about you from them for our recruitment services as well ancillary support services.


All of our recruitment and marketing activities are based on what we think will serve you best. We may need your consent for some aspects that are not covered by legitimate interests, such as the delivery of direct marketing to you through digital channels.

For most people, this is beneficial as it allows us to suggest other jobs to you alongside the specific one that you may have originally applied for. Our commitment is to significantly increase the likelihood of finding a new position(s) tailored towards your skillset.


For reference, TJ Search will retain your information for a year; on that anniversary, and we will email you requesting you to opt-out to further communication. If we do not receive a response, we will continue to include your data for another year in the usual manner. 

We want to tailor our products for you, so if at any time and without the hassle of unsubscribing from marketing emails or opting out of SMS messages, we can get in contact with us directly. Alternatively, if the information we have on your preferences is not up-to-date, it may be worth updating this as well!

For all clients, subject to any applicable laws and requirements, we will not, as part of our 2023 Data Privacy Facts as a matter of course seek your consent when sending marketing materials to a corporate postal or email address. 

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