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Why Choose TJ Search?

Your senior hires are critical to implementing your future strategy and succession planning; it’s essential for your team’s success and office operation.

We never forget that. 

More insight, more understanding, and if the below fits your criteria, then it’s likely that we can help. 

At TJ Search, we know that finding the perfect candidate for a job can be challenging. 

Finding candidates with experience and credentials who match your criteria is time-consuming and often not even possible without extensive searching efforts.

However, choose TJ Search and  we take on this arduous task so you don’t have to!

You get maturity, experience and knowledge in the recruitment space; you get the assured confidence and advice about complex topics such as senior hires or sensitive appointments. We recognise it is essential that you are making a sound decision with your new hires. 

Identify the people – Our contact base is extensive with deep knowledge of our market.

Determined by your expectations, we endeavour to find the creator, the innovator or the disruptor.

Know your market – Our job evaluation and description are relevant to the professional search process. This process ensures your confidence in pinpointing the prerequisites and benchmarking the reward packages for your senior appointment.

Adaptable – AI lead software provides flexibility. You benefit from our maturity and experience, providing you with confidence. The combination allows us to respond quickly to change. 

Results-focused – Not just a “hire”, our objective is finding professionals who can develop professionally, individually and above all, contribute to your business.

Deliver The Promise – You can rest assured that we have a strong work ethic, fair pricing policy and ethical standards.

Inquisitive – Imaginative thinking is encouraged; we ask the questions and take risks, so you don’t have to.


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