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No compromise on market intelligence or expert insight.  

An operation is utilising the latest technology to provide our clients access to the very best service whilst reducing your spending. 


The objective is to help you attract and recruit the professionals you require; the method allows us to access all levels of experience in the property space, combining our knowledge with over 30 years of dedicated recruitment expertise across the sector. 

Our objective is to take control of the process by instigating an advertising and social media campaign coupled to the research of contact bases, our own extensive candidate base and online, such as LinkedIn.  The ambition is to dovetail the combined approaches and emerge with suitable shortlist of candidates.  

The service is centred to dedicating time and effort to your hiring requirements and provide transparency to the whole process, not firing the odd CV in the hope that something sticks or punting candidates to the best offer. 

Whilst recruitment is challenging, the objective is to endeavour to time bound the process. Working with clients in the long term, the objective is to fine tune the operation.

In the long time, our objective is to enhance our client’s recruitment strategy, advise on trends and develop the profile to expand their potential talent pools.

From instruction, we are focused on your hiring, and we progress through the research and our discussions with candidates – we report our findings and, you are kept appraised. 


The recruitment costs and incidental charges do change. 

Up-Front – There is a payment upfront, like a retainer, for our initial time spent on research, approaches and promotion of the vacancies.  This retainer is non-refundable. 

Completion – The completion fee is significantly reduced in comparison, providing considerable savings over and above standard agency fees. 

Advertising – is paid by the client. A prospective schedule and charges will be provided to and approved by the client before commencing any campaign.  A strategy for each individual campaign is imperative. 

Recruitment advertising for various property professionals and disciplines differs considerably, large jobboards offer a big audience but not necessarily target the professionals you require.  Specialist job boards can attract improve your reach, some are better than others.

Adding to the advertising campaign and the approaches in the market, we support the process with a social media campaign. 

In brief: 


Advertising Strategy & Budget Approved. 

Job Board listings Defined  

LinkedIn Posting 

Social Media Campaign


Review/Approach online databases 

Consultant Interviews 

Candidate Screening via Online Interviews

Video referencing (additional cost)  


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