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Steering Dreams: Guiding UK Property Pros through Recruitment Tides since 1990

Jeff has seen the tides of the real estate market ebb and flow through booms and recessions. 

Over the years, Jeff has had the privilege of guiding thousands through their professional journeys. Helping folks pinpoint their next big career move or offering a word of advice.  

Jeff is a firm believer in doing recruitment the right way. No shortcuts. No fluff. Just genuine, ethical interactions placing some great people into the right place. 

The UK property market is not only a source of rewarding careers but also a foundation for building long-lasting friendships.

In fact, its appeal and promise are so compelling that two of his children have become Chartered Surveyors

Jeff comments

My passion doesn’t stop at just matching talents with opportunities.

Nowadays, with the changing nature of talent acquisition I’m also deep into recruitment marketing and framing long-term talent strategies. 

I’m all about ensuring that companies aren’t just ready for today, but they’re recruitment strategy is prepped for tomorrow too.

So, whether you’re looking for some advice, wanting your next career jump, or a chat about the industry, then give me a bell.


Jeff Edgar

Jeff Edgar caught off guard, smiling at his photo shoot

Jeff Edgar


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