TJ Executive Search


Our Executive Search services are geared to help you find the right professional by tailoring our methods to hire them.
We start with a thorough understanding of your business objectives or project and provide you with an in-depth assessment of both current professionals available before moving into passive recruiting solutions that will position us to move confidently to target candidates.
As a leading executive search firm, we're experts in the field, and we'll help you find and hire the best talent available.

Executive Search

Executive Search service provides research to identify relevant professionals, especially in the crowded market. In specialist markets with limited resources, this recruitment solution can access those who matter most.

Advertised Selection

Our focus is data-driven recruitment advertising to resonate with your target audience and help create an engaging experience.  It is critical to utilise the appropriate platforms,  ensuring that those algorithms work in tune throughout your campaign. Backed with AI assessments during the interview process to eradicate subjectivity and to certify you hire the right individual.

Interim Solutions

Interims Solutions are a natural extension to our executive search services enabling high-quality senior hires to work with you in a short term capacity, providing the perfect solution for specific projects that need extra expertise. 

Previous Appointments

Chief Executive

Managing Director

European Director

Commercial Development Director

Head of Asset Management

Estates Director

Head of Estates

Head of Space Planning

Head of Retail Project Management

ESG Director

BTR Development Director

Planning Director

Project Director

Construction Director

Director - Strategic Land